Miss Universe: Venus Raj’s Major Answer

What is one big mistake that you’ve made in your life? It was a silly question.  Venus Raj is only 22 years old and you never make a big mistake until you’re 30.   Venus Raj didn’t really thought about answering the question.   She’s more interested in the shoutouts. SO, THANK YOU SO MUCH THAT I AM HERE!!!

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Eminem Recovery: The Real Slim Shady Discovered

Eminem’s seventh studio album Recovery may not qualify as one of his best albums but it has been one of the year’s defining albums as it is hugely successful in beating competitors in the race for the top spot on music charts and enjoying strong sales.  The album also defines a whole new Eminem as an artist as he goes introspective, turning the microscope on himself rather than rallying against other artists.  This time around, it’s different for the American rap star.  At any rate, fans will definitely consider Recovery as one of the best albums Eminem’s ever made.  Read the Eminem Recovery review here.  Video and album covers after the jump. (source: BBC Music)

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Out of Time: Freerunning

There has been some questions raised between the differences of parkour and freerunning. Parkour and freerunning may come from the same place or they may be one but they are not the same. Parkour is the art of moving from A to B in the efficient and fastest way. While Freerunning uses Parkour techniques, its goal is more focused on freedom of movements and theatrics – to execute movements as flashy as possible. Watch the amazing video “Out of Time” after the jump.

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