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Blind – A Short Film

Nuclear Energy Aftermath

Here’s a compelling short film that gives a glimpse into what the future of nuclear energy has in store for human life. The film is set in post-nuclear Tokyo in a dimension not so distant from ours. Young salary-man’s morning

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Low Guns – SixToes

Low Guns is a 7 seconds on a station platform, seen through the window of a high-speed train, in slow-motion. “Low Guns” is written and performed by SixToes (

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Rubber (2011) – Trailer

rubber tire

This is one movie you must really watch this 2011. I mean, have you ever seen a movie about a murderous tire before? And if you like randomness, then you will like this movie.

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Chiral: Projection and Paper Sculpture

chiral 4

This art in motion was premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Taiwan from June 15th to 18th 2010 as part of the Tripolar Exhibition.  See how the projection and paper sculpture produce visually stunning animation that can

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Out of Time: Freerunning


There has been some questions raised between the differences of parkour and freerunning. Parkour and freerunning may come from the same place or they may be one but they are not the same. Parkour is the art of moving from

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